Personal Chef Meal Delivery

It Always Tastes Better When Someone Else Cooks

Chef Mario’s way

We deliver meals to your door each week, prepared by our executive personal chef; all you have to do is place your order online.

Using his 25 years of experience, we make everything (like our sauces, stocks, marinades, and spice blends) using fresh, whole ingredients. 

We care about what you eat

Chef Mario pays close attention to the amount of salt he adds to dishes in order to keep many of our entrees lower in sodium.

Each week, we spend hours:
  • washing and peeling fresh veggies

  • butchering and trimming fresh meat

  • shredding fresh cheese

  • cooking each entree from scratch

  • tweaking each dish to perfection

How it works

Order online

Choose and order your meals for next week.

Get your meals

Meals are delivered or picked up on Monday afternoons.

Heat and eat

Heat your meals and enjoy!

Why our meal delivery service? 


  • Enjoy delicious wholesome meals made from whole ingredients already portioned out.

  • Free your mind from meal planning.

  • Save hours of time by not shopping, chopping, or washing dishes.

  • Keep your refrigerator and your wallet full by reducing takeout delivery costs and spoiled groceries (like that week-old zucchini). Instead, we’ll fill your fridge with tasty, heat-and-eat meals.


“It has meant so much to our sanity and well being to have meals delivered with care, passion, and compassion. Chef Mario’s has really come through for us and we are delighted to continue services…”

Karen | Raleigh, NC

“The meals I ordered were restaurant quality delicious AND they are all nutritious…THANK YOU for making life easier and so very tasty! No more fast food pit stops on the way to soccer, gymnastics, baseball, swimming, guitar, piano, cheerleading, tutoring…”

Larissa | Raleigh, NC

“Chef Mario’s meals have been a life saver, there is always yummy food ready for the family. And since we started ordering his food this year, I’ve lost 50 pounds!

Lisa | Holly Springs, NC

“I just wanted to say that [Chef] Mario’s meals are so flavorful and delicious, each and every one and I love his kale! I’m so happy I found this service! Thank you”

Cher | Raleigh, NC