Personal Chef Delivery Service

Quarantine may be over, but we can still be a valuable part of your weekly plans!

Our Personal Chef Meal Delivery Services are available to keep your fridge full and give you a little more free time with your family. We so appreciate each and every order placed from our Personal Chef Family as it helps us keep the doors open and our employees on the job.

​Ordering Personal Chef Meal Delivery can save you time; support your sanity, and make dinner time a little less hectic. But, believe it or not, we can actually save you money too! Wait, what? Save your money? Yup! I have talked to many clients over the years who actually buy less food with the addition of our Personal Chef Meals in their weekly plans. Just think about how much food you have bought with great intentions of making it into meals, but this or that got in the way, so those dishes never got made…and the ingredients didn’t get used. Time saved by not shopping and not chopping! Money saved by not throwing away ingredients that weren’t utilized.

We truly are an affordable luxury! Each meal is created 100% from scratch in our commercial kitchen and delivered to your doorstep with our Hands-Free Delivery. We simply deliver and text you when we have finished. You pick up and get to enjoy!

“The meals I ordered were restaurant quality delicious AND they are all nutritious…THANK YOU for making life easier and so very tasty! No more fast food pit stops on the way to soccer, gymnastics, baseball, swimming, guitar, piano, cheerleading, tutoring…”

Personal Chef client, Raleigh

Entrée Sizes

Individual Entrées: Each Individual entrée is portioned to feed one adult. They weigh between 12-16 ounces depending on their makeup (typical entrees with Mash and Mac and Cheese weigh more; entrees with Rice and Pasta weigh less). The Individual Entrees are served in Microwave Safe containers.

Family Size Entrées: Each Family Size is portioned to feed 3 adults. These meals typically weigh between 36-48 ounces; again this depends on the sides and veggies being served with them. The Family Size Options are served in Oven-Safe Containers.

Perfect Portion Entrées: Each Perfect Portion Entrée is a smaller portion size, designed for those carefully watching portion controls or anyone who is eating smaller meals. 

Add-On’s and Sides: These items all vary depending on what the item is. They come in a variety of sizes – pints, quarts, clamshells, gallon, quart. The descriptions for each item will detail the portion sizes. 

Delivery Days

We are now delivering on Mondays so you can have your weekly menu planning under control and set for the whole week! We will send a little reminder e-mail on Sunday so you don’t forget!

OK, I’m sold! How does this work? SIMPLE!

Weekly Menu

We put up our weekly menu on Tuesday at 5 pm. If you sign up as a subscriber you will get a reminder when the menu goes live! The menu closes at midnight on Thursday. 


You can scroll through all of the offerings to see what goodies we have for you to order. You can also sort by dietary preference, entrée size, or other specification. 


Click on the menu items to see the detailed descriptions and  add to your cart.  

Delivery/Pickup Day

Your menu items will be ready for pickup or delivery on Mondays. We start pickup at 3pm and our drivers will arrive at your home between 3:30 and 6:30. 


You leave out a cooler with ice packs (if possible) for us to transfer your meals into OR we leave your meals in our insulated bags with ice packs (we will pick back up next time you order).


You get to enjoy delicious, chef-created meals and leave the shopping, chopping, cooking, and cleaning up to us!

No Weekly Plan or Long-Term Commitment Required

Simply order what you want, when you want it. We offer free Delivery in our Delivery Zone with a $79 minimum order. Our Delivery Zone is an approximate 15-mile radius from our kitchen. Areas outside the delivery zone are charged a Delivery Charge, depending on the distance. Typical areas outside the Delivery Zone include portions of Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, parts of Durham, Clayton, Wendell, etc.


Individual Entrees
Family Size Entrees
Serves 3 Adults
Premium Entrees (Individual)
Premium Entrees (Family)
Salad Options (Individual)
Salad Options (Family)
Breakfast Entrees
Family FROZEN Entrees

*plus tax/sc

“Just wanted to tell you that your food is incredible. WOW. Stellar!”

Personal Chef client, Raleigh

[We] were both clearly smitten by poached cod in curry.

It was our favorite meal of all of them so far.


Personal Chef client, Raleigh

No Cooking For You – Just Heat and Eat!

Our Personal Chef meals are a great way to save valuable time for your family and still have delicious food that makes everyone smile! It’s the simplest way to eat healthy! Let us take care of you and your family and give you the peace of mind knowing that your meals have been made from whole ingredients and are pre-portioned for you. Many clients find that they can control their eating simply by having their portions set for them. And you’d be shocked to find where we’ll hide the vegetables on you…

We cook all our Chef Meals in our Commercial Kitchen and deliver them to your house, fresh, in microwave and freezer safe containers. That means no shopping, no chopping, no muss, no fuss for you! Just delicious food fresh from our kitchen to yours!

(Note: Severe Dietary Restrictions may not be able to be accommodated.